9 Guest rooms (15֡20)
Some rooms have own toilets
No smoking in the guest rooms
TV, toothbrush, face towel, soap, shampoo are free.
Bath towel for 100yen, Yukata for free
Check-in time 15:00
Check-out time 10:00
If you are NOT able to check in before the dinner time (18:00),
please let us know.
We start serving meals to all guest together at the following time
Dinner time 18:00
Breakfast time 08:00
There are two baths.
You can lock from the inside when you use it.
For other guests, we ask you not to have
long bath during peak time (17:00-20:00)
Free Coffee and rooibos tea
Internet connected computer
Tel: 0279-88-5551
Reservation Form
Email (including your name, address, email, phone number,
Check-in/out dates, number of guests, and arrival time)
Payment will have to be done by cash on the departure day.
Sorry...We do not accept Credit Card.

You will be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel from 1 week
before the date of your stay.
*1 wk to 2 days before : 2000yen
*1 day before : 50%
*On the day : 100%
*No Show : 100%
Transportation Service to/from Bus Terminal or Ski resort.
Free parking
Please see Kusatsu Official Website (English/Chinese/Korean)