°ŁAccommodation Charges including Dinner & Breakfast (per person include 5% tax°Ęhot-spring tax, hot-spring entry charge)
Room Type Capacity Mon-Thr Fri-Sun & Holidays
Western Style Room(12≠÷-13≠÷) 2 persons 7500yen 8550yen
Western Style Room w/Toilet 2 persons 8025yen 9075yen
Western Style Room(13≠÷) 2-3 persons 7500yen 8550yen
Western Style Room(16≠÷) 2-4 persons 7500yen 8550yen
Japanese & Western Style Room w/Toilet 2 persons 8550yen 9600yen
3-4 persons 8025yen 9075yen
Japanese Style Room(13≠÷) 2-4 persons 7500yen 8550yen
  Child(age under 11)    
age 6-11 80% 80%
age 3-5 70% 70%
Kindergarten child age over 3 (without meals) 3305yen 4040yen
*Accommodation without dinner is 1500yen off.
*Accommodation without both dinner & breakfast is 2500yen off.
Extra charges for consecutive holidays, year-end and New Years holidays, Bon, GW, and during Summer high season.
For details, please contact us.
You will be charged a cancellation fee of 2000yen by 1 week before, 50% a day before, and 100% on the day of your stay.

Please make a reservation by Reservation Form or by phone O279-88-5551.